Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Asya Separation And Zoyaan Marriage To Stay On For 3 Months

Qubool Hai's Asad and Zoya's seperation to stay on for three months since Ayaan and Zoya's divorce papers has a mistake in it's typo, all thanks to Mamujaan! Ayaan and Zoya's accidental wedding under (apparently) unavoidable circumstances has left everyone's lives on the show upside down. Especially the people involved Asad-Zoya and Ayaan-Humaira. The wedding however comes into the center of all the issues when it ends up affecting Nikhat's wedding with Farhan. Because of this Nikhat would try to kill herself repeatedly and this forces Ayaan to make the wedding official. Asad too would put Nikhat's issue as his top priority for the time being and would force Zoya to go along with the wedding. Zoya would accept the wedding trusting Asad fully. Ayaan too would go to Asad to tell him that Zoya is his bride and he would give her back as soon as possible. But the mistake that happens would be when Mamujaan would have put three months on the divorce papers instead of three weeks. This would make Zoyaan wedding last for three whole months. But the silver lining of this entire scenario is that Zoya will be living in the same house as her father. This would giver her ample amount of time to find her father and sister. And we can assume that we will get to see Razia doing her best to keep Zoya from finding out about her father. Let's wait and watch how Qubool Hai's story unfolds.

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