Sunday, 22 September 2013

Qubool Hai - The show's TRP will see downfall soon! - Parda phash

Television's popular show "Qubool Hai" is one of the daily soaps that climbed up the TRP in a jiffy and became the most watched show on small screen as the chatpati love tale of Zoya and Asad created the waves in the city. The show is getting tremendous success step by step, but the topsy tury storyline that use to grab audience in large, seems that this grip is getting lose now because of numbers of folds back to back in the serial. Now it seems that the downfall of the show is near.

Yes, viewers fed up of daily drama in the show as they want Asya but this is the third time when Zoya and Asad's marriage faced hindrance and Ayaan got married to Zoya accidentally.

Now, Zoya will live at Siddiqui mansion as Ayan's wife.

Earlier we reported that the show may land in to trouble as there is a petition has been filed by AsYaKaBhi Fanatics from United Kingdom against Gul Khan.

The petition mentioned that Gul is making fun of Nikaah, "Gul Khan Should Stop showing unrealistic things in Qubool Hai & Stop Making Mockery of Islam & sanctity of marriage."

According to AsYaKaBhi Fanatics, "Asad-Zoya's separation news made many fans disheartened. Now, the fun which Gul Khan is making of Islam is hurting many Muslim fans. Accidental marriage, marriage by mistake is not legal in Islam.You just can't getmarried by sitting infront of each other like fools or neither by saying qubool hai three times.Gul Khan Muslim only by name."

For an Islamic marriage some points very important to complete nikaah.

After all the criticisms by the viewers, the show keeps on going with layers of twists that is now indigestible for audience. Well the day is not far when the show will start falling down from the chart of TRP as it is well said, "Jab Diya Bujhne wala hota hai toh lau bahut tez ho jati Hai."


  1. yeah its r8t.. n evn d main thng is.. in the nikha kazi had read the wrong name of the bride n her father.. so its not possible.. and plz show ma cmmnt 2 the directr of qubool hai.. n listen drctr if uh dnt knw abt da islam den dnt tlk abt it r make fun of it.. by doing dis wrong thngs.. in d islam dis typ of nikhas will not b approved.. uh fool..

  2. ya xctly.. trp to down jayegi hi.. Gul khan is shwng a shit in her shw....for najma dey used d way of syng "qubool hai " 3times bt 4 zoya nd ayan.. syng "hai" nd dat too once ws enough juz to shw dem as a couple "ridiculous"..wat a stupidity.. Gul khan is her self muslim nd mkng a joke of nikaah nd islam agn nd agn..she need to redirct hr script nd brng back asya togethr to gain dat praise agn..GUL KHAN, VIEWERS R NT FOOL.. huh

  3. gul khan is doing rubbish things in her show so the trp will definitely go down soon.

  4. absoluetly.BTW Ayaan and Zoya didnt even say Qubool Hai.Yet they were forced into marriage by just saying haan haan.How idiotic could that be.Gul Khan is killing her own show.We watch the show becoz we love Asad and Zoya.But repeatedly showing Asya failure in front of Tanveer or fate is just not working.It gets annoying.