Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Pramad will turn positive in Saraswatichandra Starplus

Drama is running super high on Star Plus’ Saraswatichandra (Sphere Origins) and in this coming week get to witness the biggest twist when the wicked Pramad (Aanshul Trivedi) will turn colours and get positive towards his wife Kumud (Jennifer Winget).
As seen in the last episodes, Kalika (Soni Singh) had run away from the house to avoid getting married. This will infuriate Pramad and he will physically abuse Kumud. Not being able to take his ill treatments any further, Kumud will confide in her in-laws and tell them the truth about their son. She will also announce her decision of leaving the house and going back to her family.
Saras (Gautam Rode) will be relieved seeing her leave and he himself will drop Kumud outside her parent’s house. Her family, who is going through a tough time financially, will be shocked to see her back but will decide to share not their problems with her. But Kumud will overhear them talking and decide to leave the house and stay somewhere else.
Now in the meantime Saras will inform Pramad about Kalika’s real intentions and her plan to cheat Pramad and his family for money. This will shatter Pramad who trusted Kalika and thus he will realise his mistake. He will hurriedly leave for Kumud’s home to get her back.
A source informs, “Kumud will doubt Pramad’s intentions but realising that she cannot add to her parent’s responsibilities, she will decide to go back with him. Both the families will be excited to see her but Saras will be shocked and tensed seeing her back.”
Furthermore, a changed and positive Pramad will act nicely with Kumud. But Kumud will be still apprehensive of his change and thus she will tell him that she hasn’t yet accepted him as her husband and will do so only once he starts showing respect truly to her and their relationship.
“Pramad will start showing a vast change and will surprise his family with his behaviour. The family will decide to support Pramad in his attempt to change and Kumud will also ask his parents to give his funds back to him to win back Pramad’s trust,” adds the source.
But things take time to change and so will Pramad, as in one occasion he will be seen asking Kumud whether she still loves Saraswatichandra. He will also tell Kumud to do a shradh for Saras’ aatma ki shanti. Saras will hear the conversation and tell Kumud to go ahead with this so that she can save her marriage and also write him off from her life completely. Kumud will be shocked hearing all this.
So what will Kumud do now? And has Pramad really changed? Will Kalika try to get back Pramad again?


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  2. kabi kabi logic fail ho jata h......chhoti mistaks seril ki natralty ko nichod kar rakh deti hn....storis ka shauk palo filmo ka shauk palo par yar serilo ka ni bhul kr ni!!!!!

    1. vese aage ye bi bura ni h ki ....pramad kumud ke pheche bhage ...kumud saras ke....r saras kumud ki khushiyon ke...r lagbhag sab kuch sudhrte...na sudhrte...kalika madm phr aag lgane daud pade....jisme vo khud hi khasi jalen..................r bhut sara sach barse

  3. mujhe lagta hai ab iska the end kar dena chahiye but the end karne se dil nahi lagega kyu ki saras aur kumud ka jo bhoot sawar hai ham par... realy nice.............