Friday, 27 September 2013

Jalal saves Jodha from Suicide attempt

In the upcomimg episodes, Jodha celebrates holi in the Mughal palace, while playing with colors she unknowingly throws colors on Mahamanga. As we all know Mahamanga is very smart in using the situations. She plots against Jodha and inform about it to Jalal. Jalal becomes furious listening to this and scolds Jodha somewhat harshly. Jodha who is not able to bear the insult will attempt to suicide.

However, Jalal reaches on time and saves Jodha. But with this attempt of Jodha, Jalal gets angry on her & at the same time he devlops some soft corner for Jodha which will be the first step to their epic love story.

To know how theit lovestory will devlop do watch JodhaAkbar on Zeetv  Mon - Fri at 8:30 pm.

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