Friday, 20 September 2013

Veera To save Ratan and Ranvijay from Kartaar

In the upcoming episodes of Veera on Starplus, Veera will be shocked to find Kartaar as the kidnapper of Ranvijay.

Ratan will also be shocked, an obssesed Kartaar has taken away Ranvijay in his refuge and will ask Ratan to marry him.

Further, Veera sees all this and decides to do something to save Ratan and Ranvijay from  Kartaar's menace and Veera will also to succeeded in saving Ratan and Ranvijay from Kartaar.

To find out How Veera saves Ratan and Ranvijay and how he story unfolds later, Do watch Veera on Starplus from Mon-Fri at 10:30pm

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