Monday, 23 September 2013

Jodha Akbar celebrates Holi

Jodha Akbar celebrates Holi

In the upcoming episodes of Zeetv show Jodha Akbar, viewers will get to see the Holi track. Yes we know its not the season of Holi, But Jodha and Jalal are celebrating holi in the show out of season.

During the Holi celebrations all the queens of mughal empire will set a bazaar where each of them will have a stall. Jodha will also setup a stall. Jalal comes to Jodha's stall and offer her a white cloth which seems to be indication of peace between them. Jodha accepts it and puts pink color on it. She wants to say something by putting that color on the white cloth but Jalal couldn't be able to understand it.

While distance between Jodha and Jalal is decreasing once again Mahamanga is going to plot against Jodha.

Will Jodha be able to face the new problems or will she give up by ending her life..?

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