Sunday, 22 September 2013

Madhu to overtake RK in acting career

Oooh la la! Guess what! The daily soap - Madhubala is expected to introduce a great twist! Soon our beloved Madhu will be seen as a bigger star than our handsome RK...If you have been ignoring Madhubala- Ek ishq
Ek junoon lately then its time to grab that remote again, as I am sure you would not like
missing such a twist.

As per the writers of the Madubala, they are trying to take the story to an interesting level, by placing an ordinary girl Madhubala ahead of her husband and a superstar RK in film industry.

Will Madhus's love change for her beloved RK? No matter what but Madhu’s love for RK can never change. However she will be portrayed as living a completely new life. Many new faces will be introduced in this daily soap. Shishir Sharma (actor) is playing the role of director. Madhu will be directed by him, in his movie. Soon the tables will turn around and our 'sweet n sour' Madhu will be a sensation overnight.

You all must be knowing Rakhi Vijan, who has been among the initial characters of the
show, will be introduced soon again. She will play a huge part in Madhu's acting career.
Although Shishir Sharma has stated of his role as a director in the movie, but still isn't
disclosing much about it.

Now the question that arises is how do you expect RK (Vivia Dsena) to react over it? Either he'll be very happy at her wife's success or he'll be jealous as a rival... (cant wait to see what's going to happen!)

This sensational new track is so expected to raise the TRP of the show and also highlight
the love-hate relationship of Madhu and RK that has been missing since long.

So let's wait for this dramatic twist till then all the best Madhu and RK.

To know more how the story unfolds do watch Madhubala on colors channel Mon-Sat at 8:30PM and Keep reading this space for more updates.


  1. no interested we r only watch the meieji jusr for rk,s power fullact

  2. there is no problem with madhu becoming successful but more successful than rk thats whats making viewers loose interest.already trp lose because meieji team everytime present rk,s life&rishabala,s lv stry big jock no new stry .............we want rishabala junoon vhara ihsq we want rishabala styng stry no madhubala satry already made a big jock rishabala,s lv stry we r tire too see everytime show same stry