Saturday, 21 September 2013

Kumud might leave Pramad's house in Saraswatichandra

Star Plus’ Saraswatichandra, produced by Sphere Origins will see a high point in tonight’s episode (19 September 2013) wherein Kumud (Jennifer Winget) will go ahead and finalize the wedding of Kalika (Soni Singh).

However, Kalika will try her level best to avoid the nuptials. When she will not succeed, she will decide to run away from the house. Kalika fleeing home will bring a smile on Kumud’s face though. But when Pramad (Aanshul Trivedi) will get to know of this, he will hurt and humiliate Kumud.

For the first time Kumud will retaliates and decides to leave Pramad's house and she informs the same to her in - laws. They agree and ask Saras to take Kumud and kusum back home. But after going to there home Kumud will find out that her parents are in financial crisis and wouldn't say anything about leaving her in-laws house.

Meanwhile due to buddhidhan's pressure Pramad will also follow Kumud to their house. Pramad asks Kumud to get back to home, and Kumud who wants to make her parents burden less will get back home. But Kumud says to Pramad that she will stay with him under one roof but will not share the room with hm until he gains her trust and respect. Pramad who is eager to get back his property from Kumud will behave respectfully with Kumud. Saras will be shocked to see Kumud back at home.

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